Friday, December 09, 2005

Coachwhips vs. Your Ass

There's something entirely cathartic and wonderful about making a huge racket. Noise just feels good, and some of the sickest, gnarliest distorto-splatter I've heard in the past couple of years was made by none other than San Francisco's beloved Coachwhips.

(photo courtesy of Virgil Porter)

Led by floppy-fringed madman John Dwyer (whose previous bands include Pink & Brown and Ziegenbock Kopf, among others), the 'whips served up heaping helpings of jagged, spastic and truly asskickin' grind-n-stomp over the course of three great albums, Get Ya Body Next Ta Mine, Bangers Vs. Fuckers and Peanut Butter and Jelly Live at the Ginger Minge. Sadly, Dwyer announced the end of the Coachwhips sometime this past summer, with his continuing efforts being channeled into his latest band, the Hospitals.

Imagine Hasil Adkins being electrocuted with a fistful of amphetimines stuck in his throat and you're just a fraction of the way to describing the beserk, raw and unhinged sound of the 'whips. Despite the pummeling wall of mayhem these freaks dished out, their songs were ultimately f-u-n and raucous, serving as the perfect soundtrack for an evening of casual vandalism or Scotchgard-huffing. Yeah, this is Party Music, to be sure, but it's a party where all of your dishes get smashed and you wake up the next morning in a kiddie pool of Jack and Twinkies. On fire. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Today's featured track is "Dancefloor, Bathroom", taken from the band's 2004 Narnack Records album, Bangers Vs. Fuckers.

"Dancefloor, Bathroom"

(MP3, 199kbps (VBR), 3MB)

Check out this pretty great Coachwhips live performance at Burn My Eye! (Download or Stream, 20MB, 12 min.)

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**Correction/deep shame/apologies: I was just informed by Dan of the Bunnybrains that Mr. John Dwyer has never been a member of the Bunnybrains, as was previously stated here. You, as well as I, can discover more information about the Bunnybrains at this site. Thank you for the clarification. Dan.

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